Vitamin D – A Key to Longer Life

Though the experts are not entirely positive about this, vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin, could be responsible for lowering your risk of dying young from heart diseases and cancer.

A new analysis of an existing researchsuggests that higher levels of Vitamin D may protect people from heart diseases and cancer and eventually protect people from an earlier death.  Also, the opposite may be true- lower levels of vitamin D could be linked with a higher risk of premature deaths.

A study’s lead author, Ben Schoettker, a post-doctoral scientist with the German Cancer Research Institute Center, Germany, said “Even though it is not known that low vitamin D levels are a cause of cancer or heart diseases or are a side-effect of generally poor health, but people with low vitamin D die more frequently from these diseases.” The research still hints that vitamin D may benefit people across ages, genders and also countries. The results are “compellingly consistent”, Schoettker admitted. Certain studies have vehemently supported vitamin D’s power to extend life, while some have debunked it.

The Sun is the largest source of vitamin D.  When exposed to sunlight, the body produces vitamin D, and hence it is known as the sunshine vitamin.However, as you age, the process becomes a little ineffective. Also, there are various other sources of vitamin D like milk, yogurt, tuna, eggs, salmon, fortified orange juice and cereals.

It is still not clear whether vitamin D could help people live longer, but it may have something to do with the way it acts like a hormone, said Susan Mayne, Chair of the Department of Chronic Disease Epidemiology at Yale School of Public Health. The science which links vitamin D to cancer and heart diseases is still in its early stages, she concluded.

While the research linking vitamin D as a key to longer life is still being discovered, we advise you talk to your physician and have your vitamin D levels checked.



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