Lose the gymnasium culture, opt for an workout outdoors!

Winter is setting in, but you can still feel the sun around to give of a waft of warmth. November is one of those months where you can make the most of the cool, yet balmy weather.

A walk in the morning sun feels good and comforting during these days when winters are just about to start. Soak in the goodness of Vitamin D and see how your lifestyle becomes better and healthier.

Combatting depression, preserving bones and teeth, enhancing sleep patterns, deter osteoporosis and stimulate bone growth, boost your immune system, brain and nervous system, enrich lung function and cardiovascular health and reduce the risk of cancer development are few of the benefits of the “sunshine vitamin”.

Why rely on supplements and indoor workouts when the good old sunlight is abundant in your place of existence?

Not only does outdoor work-out alleviate Vitamin D in the body but also allows you to get exposed to get exposed  to more fresh air and oxygen.

Open spaces also aid in increasing serotonin levels (The feel good chemical in our body) which contributes to the happiness and well-being.

Check out these nonchalant outdoor activities you can do to hoard in on all the Vitamin D pre winter

  1. Go cycling – If you find your enthusiasm and attitude indecisive and eventually diminishing each year in the cold winter months, you may just find out why. Almost 25-50% of athletes have been found out to have Vitamin D deficiency. It’s been long known that Vitamin D is important for the absorption of calcium, and therefore, for bone health. By enhancing your Vitamin D while cycling in the morning sun, you are reducing the risk of rickets and enhancing respiratory functions.




  1. Solo walks – Walking is a good habit.Everyone is well aware of that, but finding a partner with the same goals who is also able to keep a schedule is difficult. The upshot is that you can indulge in solo walks.. Keep it an interesting and an ongoing process; plug in your favourite energy thrusting music or a soothing playlist according to your walk pattern. Change routes and paces to explore your limits and keep intact the fun factor in it.


  1. Trail running – If you have the luxury of a landscape around you that supports trail running why not explore it?

“Trails are going to take away a lot of stress from the impact that you’d normally get running on harder surfaces,” says Dr. Scott Levin, a New York-based sports medicine expert and orthopaedic surgeon.

Trail running in the morning sun not only helps ease up your joints and boost the Vitamin D production but allows you to enjoy nature at the same time. It prohibits you from zoning out and trains you to keep a kind of focus which is exhilarating and invigorating.




  1. Outdoor cardio – It’s time to shift your cardio session to the outdoors. Along with the perks of free Vitamin D, a simple thirty minute outdoor session will have an overall constructive effect on your vivacity, sense of keenness and drive. Finally, simply spending more time outside has been shown to prevent increase in obesity among children and adults. Who would want to miss out on an opportunity to be fit by investing so little?


  1. Play a sport – Pick any sport you’re good at.Any sport that you are interested in or have never tried your hand at before. Play popular games like basketball, cricket or beach volleyball (in case you’re one of those fortunate ones residing close to a beach J ). If you’re more adventurous in nature you could pick a new hobby like sailing, enroll in rowing classes, or learn rollerblading.


  1. Get yourself a trampoline – If you have the luxury of space, gift yourself a trampoline and jump your way to happiness and health. A trampoline takes away 80% stress off your weight bearing joints.The advantages of soaking in the sun while you enjoy your trampoline workout are reinforced with other benefits like increased metabolism, amplified sense of balance and the sheer fun factor of jumping up and down. It’s tough to feel low when you’re having that much fun, especially in the fresh air.


  1. Help an old neighbour take a walk around the neighbourhood – Take the opportunity to bring a smile to somebody’s face. Ample number of times, old couples or individuals would love to go for walks but are physically unable to do so alone. Be a companion to the old, not only will it help you enhance your Vitamin D but will also impart a sense of goodwill and leave you with a feel good factor. You’ll be surprised at what you take back from just a walk.


  1. Make a quick buck or do it for free, walk dogs if you’re a dog lover – If you love dogs but are unable to have one of your own, this is a perfect situation to pamper your love for dogs. Often you’ll find families or individuals owning dogs but are unable to give them ample outdoor experiences owing to their schedules. Young students might use the occasion to make some pocket money or just do it for some fun and exercise. You would be amazed with their buoyant characteristics.


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