Indians likely to be at a higher BP risk due to Vitamin D Deficiency

Overcast skies brings with it not only runny noses and stomach flu but the lack of sunlight also affects the production of Vitamin D in the body, which adversely affects blood pressure. An Indian-born researcher in London recently conducted a study that proves lower the Vitamin D level, higher is the BP.

Vitamin D is synthesized when the sun’s ultraviolet rays fall on the skin. But the high melanin pigment in the Indian skin dissuades it. Hence, there is a high level of deficiency in India despite of a hot and sunny climate. Some studies have concluded that every second Indian is Vitamin D Deficient and some even say that every eight out of ten Indians are deficient. The deficiency is alarming since it is linked to many diseases- from bone issues to cancer.

In his study of around 2.5 lakh people, researcher Vimal Karani of University College London found that those with high concentrations of25-hydroxyvitamin D had lower BP and, therefore, reduced risk of hypertension. The risk of developing hypertension decreased by 8.1% with every 10% increase in 25 (OH) D concentrations, a study found out.

The study has severe implications because in India every fifth grown up has hypertension. Dr Shah, editor-in chief, JAPT (Journal of the Association of the Physicians of India), said that the increasing number of hypertensives in India can be associated with lower levels of Vitamin D and high blood pressure. However, an endocrinologist based in Delhi named Dr.Anoop Misra said that hypertension is hereditary and further added that causes of hypertension may include smoking, obesity and excessive salt intake. He asserted that Vitamin D Deficiency could at best be considered the fifth contributor to hypertension.

Ask your doctor to check your Vitamin D status in case you have high blood pressure. This could well be an answer to help reduce your health risks including heart attack, kidney failure, stroke and congestive heart failure.

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