About Vitamin D

A large majority of the world suffers from acute Vitamin D deficiency. Its deficiency causes daily aches, cramps & fatigue leading to serious illnesses.

Life is the greatest gift to man. We all want to lead a life filled with peace and happiness and to achieve this, one needs to stay healthy.

Today, overall well being has been linked to levels of Vitamin D in our body as per latest medical research. Many studies and surveys have concluded that deficiency of Vitamin D may lead to a number of disease conditions and vice versa. Truly Vitamin D is fast becoming the Essence of Life.

A whopping 33 crore urban Indians are Vitamin D deficient. A survey across 18 cities in India which include the four metros Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, semi metros and class one cities concluded that 94% Indians are Vitamin D deficient. This is a serious issue and needs to be addressed immediately.

“Tayoforhealth.com” aims to create awareness about the benefits of Vitamin D based on the information published in leading medical journals worldwide.

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The information shared here is solely for informational purposes. In case, you suspect Vitamin D deficiency, please consult your doctor.

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